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CF Food Processing Ltd.                        

"The Right Ingredient"

CF Food Processing are a wholesale fruit and veg and soft drink supplier. We supply shops all over the north east of England including Middlesbrough and Newcastle. 


A Fresh Approach To Fresh Produce


CF Food Processing  Ltd was established in November 2004 by industry professionals with the aim of providing a quality service to establishments across all sectors of the industry.


Our aim is your satisfaction, through understanding your business and any specific requirements.


CF Food Processing Ltd is a privately owned company with all shares being retained by working director.


Being totally independent we are able to source produce from a wide variety of suppliers, as opposed to being able to source goods from associated companies only


CF Food Processing Ltd is independently audited having achieved "Efsis" Safe and Legal Standard


With particular respect to pre-prepared produce - all activity is "in house" and our quality and price are unrivalled 


We are able to offer a full range of delicatessen items


We look forward to speak to you 


For further information or to discuss your particular needs

Please call 01642 242324


Company Key Points

Company Profile – Re: Prep Veg


  • Manufacturer of Pre-Prepared Vegetables

  • Based in the North East

  • Established Five Years

  • All Shares owned by working Directors (30 Years experience)

  • All Key personnel with the company since inception

  • Turnover five million pounds

  • Staff 30-35

  • Vehicle fleet 12 x 3.5 Tonnes


  1 x 7.5 Tonnes

  1 x 18 Tonnes



  • Able to deliver throughout Northern England.

  • Flexible in our approach and happy to work on the development of new Products and make


necessary investment when required.